Vacation quarry (gravel and sand)



Service Name

 Vacation quarry (gravel and sand



Target Audience



Description of Services

That activity is the work of the quarries of construction materials (gravel + sand) within river basins and tributaries


1.A  request to be submitted to  the Directorate of Water Resources

2. hold my revealed by the engineer or technical specialist in Directorate

3. raising the demand to the commission with a formal letter and the profile (transparent) tinted signed and stamped by the Directorate

4. study of the subject by the section and opinion, and authentication Mr. Director-General or Associate

5. approaching the ministry by  an official letter

6. In light of the answer from the ministry concerned  the Directorate  will be informed

7. The applicant shall be  notified approving by the  Directorate

Document Required

1. written pledge includes the applicant exploitation beaches No. 59 of 1987 Law commitment by the Legal Division in addition to the written pledge

For the quarries

2. a written undertaking from the applicant concern  quarries

3. Owner demand archives (identity + certificate of nationality + accommodation card)

Legal Framework and Conditions

Exploit the beaches Law No. (59) of 1987, as amended, mineral investment law

Service Standard

(5) days in the commission

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