The Minister of Water Resources Meets the Representative of Thi Qar Governorate
Posted Date: November 18, 2020

The Minister of Water Resources, Eng. Mahdi Rashid Al-Hamdani, met Mr. Sadiq Al-Sulaiti, Representative of Thi Qar Governorate. During the meeting, they explored the water situation in the governorate and the districts affiliated to it. H.E. stressed that the ministry is working hard to remove all encroachments on rivers and streams to complete the purification campaigns with the aim of securing water shares for agricultural lands and water supply stations, as Thi Qar governorate is one of the governorates located in tail ends and securing the arrival of its water share is one of the ministry’s work priorities. The minister called on the necessity of being supported by the legislative authority in the ministry’s campaign of removing the encroachments and stop throwing of pollutants into rivers and streams and limit, which would negatively affect the quality of water in the governorate.

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