The Minister of Water Resources delivers a lecture titled "Iraq and Water ... Present and Future" at Al-Jawahiri Hall

Minister of Water Resources Dr. Hassan Janabi delivered a lecture titled "Iraq and Water ... Present and Future" at Al-Jawahiri  Hall in General Association of Writers’ building in Iraq, by an invitation from Iraqi association of culture supporting, and Creative Thursday Meeting in the presence of a large number of educated people, writers and people who concerned with the water situation, the lecture included several topics discussed water situation in Iraq, current pressures on Iraqi water resources, and the impact of dams established by the riparian countries on Iraq water incomes, in addition to explain the incomes of Tigris and Euphrates rivers during 100 years ago and extent of incomes decline and water situation in Iraqi dams.

He also pointed out that the ministry has drew a strategy to face the deficit in water resources over the next 20 years and the rehabilitation of water resources infrastructure to fit the low water incomes and population increase,  then dialogue and discussion was opened about the future of water in Iraq. The executive office of general association of writers presented Al-Jawahiri shield to the Minister of Water Resources as a gratitude and appreciation for his efforts in managing water resources in the conditions of water scarcity that the country live in.