Dibbis dam is very important  regulating dam within Kirkuk  Irrigation System  which laid on Al-Zab river near by Dibbis district and about 60/km north of Kirkuk city . The main aim of its structured is to raise Al-Zab river level in order to feed Kirkuk irrigation canal with discharge reached to 278m3/sec added to pass water by gating and spillway towards Tigirs river in water shortage. The dam is an embankment consisted  of space rolling length of 376m and high of 23,5m with width from base 118m added to spillway which is concrete structure length of 122m in right side from dam body included 8 radial gates high of 8m and width 11m. The design discharge for spillway reached to 4000m3/sec . The irrigation regulator canal is concrete structure length of 42,5m located on left side . It included 5 radial gates high of 4,7m and width of 7m with design discharge 278m3/sec. It can operate  electrically and mechanically also an embankment and fishing passage.