Minister of Water Resources Meets with the Advanced Staff in The State Commission of Irrigation and Drainage Projects Maintenance

Minister of Water Resources Jamal Al-Adili with the advanced staff in the State Commission of Irrigation and Drainage Projects Maintenance and its departments in the governorates in order to discuss the plan of Cleaning assigned to it and complete the remaining work in preparation for the current winter season and the success of the agricultural plan for this year where he listened to a detailed explanation of the work of the body and its departments, It is played by the Authority and all departments affiliated to the Ministry at this period which is characterized by the lack of water incoming  and water scarcity, in addition to increasing in the demand for water shares due to non-compliance with the agricultural area specified in the agricultural plan and the lack of awareness in the use of modern irrigation techniques, which will reduce waste and water shortages and make maximum use of water resources and use them to serve this stage to overcome the water crisis, and stressed that water is not the reason for the death of fish, because of the rising in water levels recently