Minister of Water Resources Heads a Meeting to Study a Number of Important Issues to the Work of the Ministry

The Minister of Water Resources Dr. Jamal Al-Adly chaired a meeting which was  attended by the advisory team and the Directors-General of Water Affairs to study a number of issues important to the work of the ministry where they discussed the dams of water harvesting and the maximum utilization of groundwater, especially in the desert areas, as well as the study of salinity in the Shatt al-Arab, which witnessed a noticeable decrease due to continuity of water flow to achieve the sustainability of this flow and to maintain the salinity of the Shatt al-Arab at acceptable natural rates. H.E. also instructed to continue the procedures of inviting international companies to study the problem intensively and accurately to reach accurate results in the need to set up the barrage or not and determine the ideal location to construct it.