The Office of the Inspector-General Organizes an Educational Seminar on the Role of Media in Spreading the Culture of Integrity

The Office of the Inspector-General in the Ministry of Water Resources organized a seminar on the role of media in spreading the culture of integrity which consisted of two topics. The first was a lecture by Dr. Nazem al-Rubaie, member of the Iraqi Journalists Syndicate, in which he discussed the role of investigative journalism in exposing corruption files and their impact on society and media. In addition to the means of social communication and its prominent role in the detection of some aspects of corruption and the role of the press and public relations in the dissemination of the concepts of integrity through communication with the clerks and also explained the concept of corruption from the perspective of the United Nations. The second topic was a lecture by Dr. Hossam Saadi Mahdi, in which he discussed the methods of media supporting corruption and how to distort the facts and delude the public opinion besides highlighting the media efforts of the integrity Commission.