• Dr.. Hassan al-Janabi

    2016   Extraordinary Ambassador to Japan

    2014 -2016   Ambassador in the Office of Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the HeadPresident of the Human Rights Office

    2009 - 2014  Extraordinary Ambassador of Iraq to the United Nations organizations in Rome, the UN Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) and  the (UN )World Food Program (WFP) ​​, the (UN) International Fund for Agricultural Development (IFAD(

    2004 -2008  Minister of Water Resources' adviser and the official of Iraqi marshland Restoration  program  and water sector projects in the Iraq Construction Fund program.

    1978  Attaining a bachelor's degree in engineering from the University of Baghdad

    1985- 1990  Attaining a master's and doctorate  degree in engineering information systems from Warsaw University.

    1994   Attaining a master's degree in Water Engineering from Sydney University of Technology

    1994 - 2003  He was working in various positions in the Sydney Water Authority

    •  A specialist in water resources, the environment and science hydrological and geographic information systems and laws of international waters

    • He represented Iraq and gave lectures and presentations in dozens of forums and scientific and professional conferences in many countries including Japan, Thailand, Turkey, France, Jordan and the United Arab Emirates, Algeria, Egypt, Lebanon, Sweden, Morocco, Tunisia, Uganda, Sudan, Syria, Australia, the United States ,Italy, Germany, Spain and others.

    • Academic  ,engineer , writer and translator who writes and publishes in many Iraqi and foreign newspapers and magazines, especially in water, environment and the fight against poverty, food security and human rights affairs.


                                                        Translated by: Sahib Abdullah