Ministry of Water Resource Starts a Campaign of Cleaning up Rivers and Streams in Babil

The State Commission of Irrigation and drainage projects’ Maintenance, in Babil Governorate, starts to cleans up river and stream from Shumbalan,reeds and papyrus plants to keep water flow and secure water shares for agricultural lands.

The work included cleansing up (2KM) of (B1)drain besides clearing Bani Hassan stream in AL-Kefal district from reed and papyrus in addition to finishing the clearing Al-Khamisiya  stream from mud sediment .

The Directorate of Water Resources in  Karbala  / Al- Hur Irrigation unit started a campaign to cleans up  Al- Hussaynea River (Al-Bobiyat) from garbages to ensure the arrival of water to the rever’s end- tails .