Minister of Water Resources Dr. Hassan Al Janabi Chairs the 9th Session of the Arab Ministerial Council for Water in Cairo

Minister of Water Resources, Dr. Hassan Janabi, chaired the ninth session of the Arab Ministerial Council for Water, held in Cairo, during which he stressed the necessity of crystallizing a unified Arab position in international forums to support the Arab countries facing various challenges in the water resources sector, Non-Arab countries along the common international rivers, as well as the implementation of water security strategy projects in the Arab region prepared by the Arab Ministerial Council for Water.

He called on the Minister of Water Resources to seek to include plans and projects of water security strategy as many as possible for Arab countries.

The Minister also reviewed the magnitude of the challenges, risks and devastation suffered by Iraq and the great efforts exerted to carry out the repairing and rehabilitation of irrigation facilities, as well as the continuous effort to reach long-term agreements with the neighboring countries and Iraq with respect to rights based on reasonable rates agreed upon or activated It was agreed upon in earlier times.

He stressed Iraq's unlimited support for Arab rights in the shared waters or in the occupied Palestinian territories, calling for strengthening cooperation and joint Arab action in the field of water and working on transferring successful experiences and effective solutions to similar problems in order to meet the needs of the people of the region besides enhancing the capacities of the community in the deliberate transition to a new water and development reality in light of the limited water resources, as well as the increasing national, regional and global challenges related to shared water with other countries, or «transboundary climate and continental warming»and the breadth of the frightening phenomenon of desertification in the region. He pointed to the security and political challenges that have manifested in the phenomenon of terrorism and the extent of its dangers to such a degree that no country can be immune to it.

Al-Janabi said that the water sector and its installations in Iraq have been subjected to the worst types of destruction and used as a tool of war. They destroyed facilities, abandoned villages and cities, confiscated sanctities and confiscated explosives and used booby traps to destroy facilities that terrorists could not reach.

For his part, the Minister presented a presentation to the Arab Ministerial Council on Water on the water situation in Iraq, pointing to the importance of the Marshlands ecosystem, as well as the reasons for the large decline of the Tigris and Euphrates rivers as a result of the construction of large dams and agricultural projects. Terrorism and damage to irrigation facilities during the control of the areas where these facilities are located, in addition to the efforts made to include the marshes into the list of world heritage.