Minister of Water Resources meets brilliant students from the University of Baghdad Civil /Engineering Department

Minister of Water Resources Hassan Janabi met with elite of distinguished students from the University of Baghdad, Department of Civil Engineering who got Scholarships to complete their studies in Australia to benefit from their future researches and studies in addressing the water situation in the country and to promote it. Riyadh Mhedi Professor at the College of Engineering presented a brief summary of the twinning program between the universities of Baghdad and Sunburt in Australia thanking the Minister for his interest in the youth sector.

The Minister and the Ministry's specialists presented a detailed explanation of the water sector in Iraq, the challenges facing it and the Ministry's strategy for water, soil, dams, groundwater and the history of the Iraqi marshes and the Ministry's efforts to include them in the World Heritage List. The Ministry declared its readiness to provide them with scientific researches and valuable studies that serve them in their scientific career.