Announce – call for interest of project No. 1 of 2018

Ministry of water resources

Center of Studies and Engineering Designs (CSED)

Announce – call for interest of project No. 1 of 2018

Environmental impacts study of Ilisu and Jazra dams on Iraq

  1. CSED one of the Iraqi ministry of water resources formation, addressed Baghdad, Adhamiya, Rabee’ Qt.,sec. 342, st. 46, sader alqanat complex. Announce the above project to all Iraqi and foreign consultant services companies which has similar specialists works for tendering as the technical requirement and time limit below:-

         The aim of the required study should be focus on the expected negative impacts of Ilisu dam construction and in case of Jazra dams construction on the Iraqi environment of different aspects (quantities and quality of water reach Iraq, agricultural areas, wet lands and marshes, fauna and flora, wild life, immigrant and settler animals and birds, climate, desertification, sand storms… etc.), also the impacts on Iraqi people life including health, economic, social, water and food security, emigration, infrastructures, hydropower production… etc.)as well as the economical costs of these impacts.

         Finding strategy technical and economic solutions and alternatives for all the issues which produced by above dams construction to terminate or mitigate the impacts as minimal as possible.

        Set an emergency plan in case of dams failure due to earthquake in Ilisu and Jazra dam (Turkey) to avoid environmental, economical, and humanitarian disaster in Iraq, beside, estimate the losses that might be occur due to.

         The time of the mentioned study should be (8) months as maximum.

2.The consultant can enquiry and get any access data by contact CSED on the following email:- and

3.Certificates and similar works lists certified by contract departments and Iraqi embassies in the specific country for works done by the consultant in that country are required.

4.Technical qualification for all technical, specialists, team and staff are required.

5.Tenders selection will be on the bases of constant budget.

6.The last date of receiving tenders will be on or before 12:00 pm, BLT of 10/9/2018.


Ali Hashim Qate’e

General Director