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CONSULTANT SERVICES- Individual Consultant Selection


 Republic of Iraq
Ministry of Water Resources
Emergency Operation for Development Project 
Project ID No.: P 155732 


Procurement Specialist 
(Ref: EODP-AF- MOWR/C16)


The Republic of Iraq (hereinafter called "Borrower") has received financing from the International Bank for Reconstruction and Development (IBRD) (the “Bank”) in the form of a “loan”(hereinafter called “loan” toward the cost of Emergency Operation for Development Project. The Ministry of Water Resources (MoWR) in the Republic of Iraq, an implementing agency of the Borrower, intends to apply a portion of the proceeds toward the cost of the consulting services for recruiting Procurement Specialist, as the details mentioned in the attached TOR. 


Objective of the consultancy services and scope of services: 
The MOWR is looking to engage the services an Individual Consultant to provide to Support PMT in procurement for selected activities.


The Individual Consultant will work under the direct supervision of the Director of the Project Management Team (PMT) of Ministry of Water Resources (MoWR) and will keep him informed of progress made and of critical issues needing his decision. 
The Procurement Specialist is required to coordinate and process all the procurement activities of the project in accordance with the requirements of the Loan Agreement using Bank procurement regulations, prepare the required procurement documents and train the Project’s procurement staff (2 or 3).
The input shall be time based for 150 person-days (Home plus Field) over a contract period of One year. The services may be extended based on the needs and mutual agreement.


The Project Management Team (PMT) of the Ministry of Water Resources (MOWR) now invites eligible consultants to indicate their interest in providing the services. Interested and eligible consultants must provide information indicating that they are qualified to perform the services (brochures, description of similar assignments, experience in similar conditions, etc.).


A consultant will be selected in accordance with the procedures set out in the World Bank’s Guidelines: Selection and Employment of Consultants by World Bank Borrowers (current edition) IC procedures.

Interested consultants may obtain further information at the address below during office hours (9:00 am – 01:00 pm) Baghdad local time. 

Expressions of interest must be delivered to the address below at or before 01:00 pm Baghdad local time on June 4, 2020.


Ministry of Water Resources
Palestine St.  / Baghdad  / Iraq