Al-Rafidain General Company for the implementation of dams

Al-Rafidain Company for the Dams Construction was established due to the law no.44 of the year1987 as one of the Ministry of water resources companies and works due to the companies law with financial and legal independence. According to the company establishing law, the company’s capital was reckoned as 1.5 million ID, Where the US dollar exchange rate was 3.3 for one Iraqi dinar. The Council of Ministers has recently issued a resolution no.448 of the year 2013, which increased  the company’s capital to 25 billion ID.


Company  Projects


  1. Dams: the number of dams has done by the company is 13 dam, such as (Al-Adeim dam, Al- Ramadi dam, Al Wend dam, Mandali dam, Al Shehabi dam, etc )
  2. Irrigation systems & Small dams : the number of Irrigation systems has done by the company is 11 dam and 5 Small dams, such as (Shamashir dam, Al-Amara dam, Al beterah Irrigation Systems, etc)
  • Siphons & Pumping stations: the number of Siphons has done by the company is 4 dam and 6 Pumping stations, such as (Shatt al Ibrahim Siphon, Tharthar Siphon, Al-Khasaf siphon, Mansouriya Al Shatt Pumping station, Al-Massab Alam pumping station, Al-Kalis pumping station, etc)
  1. Reclamation &Irrigation channels: the number of projects has done by the company are 11, such as (Shatt Al Arab Canal, Sharq Al Garraf Drain, Garb Al Garraf Drain, Al-Shamia AL Garbi, Rehabilitation Tharthar Canal, etc)
  2. Water supply & Sewerage projects: 3 Water projects and 2 Sewerage projects, such as (Mosul Water supply project – Right Coast, Alqosh Water supply project, Al Antsar Neighborhood Sewerage project , etc )
  3. Construction & Housing : 11 projects, such as (The housing complex in AL-America, Residence for students in Mosul, Administration Building of Al-Massab Alam, etc)
  • Roads & Bridges: 54 projects, such as(Paving the street of Al Zahraa & Al Batol, The road leading to AL Massab AL  Amm, Al – Sahaba neighborhood Roods  in Mosul, Makhol Bridge, Bridge on AL Forat Al Sarqi Drain , etc)
  • Grouting :  5 projects , such as (Strengthening the foundation of the holly Rawdhaten , Grouting works in Makhol Dam ,Grouting works in badush dam, Grouting works of AL-Udeim Dam, Strengthening of the foundation of Al-Alsaa church/Mosul)
  1. Contributing to reconstruction and flood works
  2. Restoration of Iraqi Marshs works.
  3. Other Diversified works .