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Main out fall Drain project

Main out fall Drain regarded the greatest development project in Iraq, because of its importance to remove water saltiness from reclamation of agricultural lands in middle and south of Iraq b connecting net of minor and major broaches which is flowed finally in main out fall drain passage that is moving saltiness water and residual of chemical fertilizer which is wide using inagricultural to the Arab –Gulf ز  the Arab -Gulf g in aical fertilizer  flowed fainal ral lands in middiel .


Main out fall  Drain significance  and  benefit

1-the project serves about (6) thmillion   of agricultural lands

2-the project helping to open the river navigation for  middle and southern part of Iraq

3-Main out fall  Drain help to gain good water quality and less salinity by get rideof salinity that delivered from Tigris and Euphrates   rivers that is coming from a drain water after discharge main drain water

4-Reduce ground water attribution foragricultural lands and keeping reclamation project

5- Clearing agricultural lands that are arrive to (80)th million tone forsalinity and residual chemical fertilizer which is using in farming then it gone to Arab-Gulf with

Water tapping .

6- Operating cooling and injection systems in oil wells and electric power stations by allocating water quotas for them from water of main out fall drain  and the associated drains