General Authority for Dams and Reservoirs

Tasks   and  Duties of  State Commission :

  • Supervision the work of Investigations and  implementation of Dams and Barrages projects.
  • Operation and Maintenance of civil, mechanical and electrical works for Dams and Barrages projects.
  • Preparation the tender documents for studies and Investigations for the new Dams and Barrages projects.
  • Regulation the storage and  release water ( in  coordination with national  Center of  Water  Management) to ensure  optimum  uses of  water  resources, Flood  prevention , electric power generation, irrigation, fisheries development and tourism investment.

Activities and Duties of the State Commission of Dams and Reservoirs 

  1. Following up and operation for Dams and Barrages besides maintenance works through modern technologies .
  2. Rehabilitate all Dams and Barrages projects that were corrupted by the terrorists of Daesh.
  3. Grouting works implementation of Mosul Dam and Supervising the Studies of upgrading these actions .

4.Adoption the development of studies that are related to proposed dams , cooper-atively with the Center of Engineering Studies & Design .

  1. . Following up and Supervising the works of Dredging sediments of Barrages upstream.for expanding of flood Basin of (Tigirs-ALTHarthar) .
  2. Permanent Coordination with the State Commission of Survey for proceeding the geodetic Survey for Dams and Barrages plants as periodical monitoring duties.

7.Amendments and Maintenance works for projects housing complexes for stitable housing conditions .

  1. Periodical Evaluation and Rehabilitation works for the Dams and Barrages ,by specialist teams of technicians,for insurance of safety .
  2. Chemical Analyses of Water samples that are elected from the Rivers and Basin of Dams for making reportes clarifying values of water quality changes.

10.Staff enhancement with development of scientific abilities for all,through training courses participation (inside IRAQ &abroad) to be coped with the practical and scientific