General Survey Authority

The task of the State Commission of Survey (SCS)


The State Commission of Survey (SCS) is responsible for many tasks that can be summarized in the following:

  • Installation and rehabilitation of the geodetic networks (horizontal and vertical) that consist of triangulation, trilateration, precise leveling, and the transformation of local coordinates system to the international system for all Iraqi’s provinces.
  • Produce and supply updated maps to official agencies with various map scale.
  • Geodetic and engineering survey works including topographic survey, detailed survey (site-plan / as build) for different projects before and after constriction, and bathymetric / hydrographical survey (cross-section and profile) for all water bodies (lake, pond, and marshes) and waterways (river, stream, and canals).
  • Precise monitoring for significant structures such as dams.
  • Identification, drawing, and pillars installation of the official Iraqi’s boundary with adjacent countries based on the approved coordinates and protocols.
  • Provide an advanced training on the latest technologies, survey equipment, and software for all engineering and technical staff from different ministries.
  • Provide various printings (books, documents, files, and maps) through its own specialized printing house including for official, academic, and privet sectors.

Consultation, engineering advise, and report providing regarding the properties issues based on the court request in addition to supporting and guiding of different agencies and researchers via consultation, survey information, and maps based on the official regulation