Iraq General Company for the implementation of irrigation and drainage projects

About Us
There is no doubt that irrigation and civilization are inseparable elements. Where there is water there will be urbanization and civilization.

With all rivers, water and fertile lands available in Iraq, agriculture cannot be practiced all year round unless human efforts are united to transfer water from its source to the land needs to be cultivated.
Since it was established in 1993 until present, our Company has actively participated in various activities: Land reclamation projects, drains clearing up and excavation, construction of dams, bridges and various irrigation structures with a high performance by its technical, administrative and engineering staff.

Those staff makes every effort to overcome all difficulties and implement various projects through the application of technical specifications and the use of the company machineries. Our company has a wide range of modern machineries working continuously to carry out large irrigation projects that increase agricultural lands, production and develop national economy.
Al-Iraq Company is in constant readiness to carry out reclamation projects and exploit a largest area of agricultural lands to improve the irrigation condition for these lands and increase their areas all over Iraq.


The Company`s  Establishment :

Al-Iraq General Company for Executing Irrigation Projects, one of the Ministry of Water Resources formations was established in 7/6/1993 and functions  according to company law No.(22) year 1997 as a contractor.

The Company implements irrigation ,drainage  and land reclamation projects and has participated in implementing various strategic irrigation projects on a national level.
The Company consists of elite engineers, technicians and administration officers.Also machines and heavy equipment of various types.
The Company`s Main Goals:
The company implements the following works:
1. Land reclamation projects which consists of:
Land leveling and grading
Different kinds of excavations (excavating irrigation canals and open drains).
Compact backfilling works for irrigation canal dykes.
Concrete lining works for canals.
Open field drain excavations.
2. Implementing large drains and it consists of:
Earth excavations more than (10)m deep.
Constructing concrete and iron car bridges.
Concrete and iron foot bridges.
Pipe water culverts.
Box, pipe and reinforced concrete culverts.
3. Closed irrigation networks:
Preparing, excavating and laying out the network`s pipes with all fittings
Implementing main and branch irrigation and drainage pump stations buildings.
Preparing and installing irrigation and drainage pumps and generators with all fittings.
All mechanical and electrical works.
4. Dams and reservoirs:
Large dams earth, rock, and concrete
Small dams
5. Concrete regulators
Concrete works.
Mechanical and electrical works.
Preparing and making iron gates and slime slates with accessories
6. Irrigation and drainage pump station
7. Tourism lakes with facilities
8. Agricultural roads within reclaimed lands
9. Stone revetment works for river banks.
10. Buildings and concrete works.
It is possible to participate in implementing road construction projects, station and sewage networks, water, treatment projects installing drinking water networks and station works.