Minister’s Office

An Overview of the Minister’s Office Tasks


Minister’s office

  The Minister’s office undertakes the following tasks: –

  1. Supervising the departments, divisions and units associated with the Minister’s office
  2. Preparing correspondences to the higher authorities and orders related to the work of the office and preparing circulars and decisions directed by the Minister to the concerned authorities.
  3. Checking, following up and organizing the incoming mail from the higher authorities (executive and legislative), ministries and bodies not associated with a ministry, and all ministry’s formations.
  4. Coordination regarding citizens’ complaints and organizing interviews based on requests submitted to the Minister
  5. Organizing meetings, interviews and visits of the Minister.
  6. Coordination and preparation for meetings, interviews and conferences attended by or sponsored by the Minister.
  7. Coordination with the concerned authorities for the Minister’s attendance at official seminars and events, whether internal or external.
  8. Notifying the minister’s decisions, directives and instructions and following up on their implementation.
  9. Performing any other tasks as assigned by the Minister.


Organizational Structure

The following formations are linked with the Minister’s office:


First: Director of the Minister’s Office

He is directly linked with the Minister, who is primarily responsible for supervising the workers in the minister’s office, evaluating their performance and directing them, and undertakes the task of general supervision of all administrative services and secretarial services in the office, and sets appropriate plans to develop these works and ensure their good performance.

Second: the minister’s secretariat

It is linked with the director of the office and undertakes the task of carrying out all the secretarial work of the minister, organizing schedules of meetings, visits and meetings of the minister, as well as organizing the presentation of correspondences presented to the minister according to their priorities, and notifying the oral directives and instructions issued by the minister to the competent authorities.

Third: Technical Section and Ministerial Follow-up

It is directly linked with the Minister and undertakes the following tasks.

  1. Follow up the works of all projects and for all formations.
  2. Preparing reports on the delayed business of all formations.
  3. Following up the plan works and the expenditure rates for each project.
  4. Preparing special reports according to the directives of the Minister.

The following departments, divisions and units are linked to the minister’s office and are under the supervision of the office director:

Contracts’ Department / its tasks are:

Announcing tenders, participating in analysis committees, issuing assignment books, participating in contract receiving committees, preparing contract forms, authorizing contracting parties to sign contracts, following up the contract implementation stages, following up the implementation phases in coordination with the lending and beneficiaries, in addition to following up customs entry procedures for the purpose of entering the consignments.

Audit and Internal Inspection Department / its tasks are:

Responding to inquiries received from the formations and conducting field audits on the activities of the departments, auditing all financial transactions of the ministry, forming ministerial committees and answering the notes of the Federal Financial Supreme audit, following up and matching the annual inventory committees, and participating in the financial, technical, auditing and investigative committees and other committees.

Citizens Affairs Department / its tasks are:

Receiving citizens’ requests and complaints through receiving windows and following them up, informing their submitters of the procedures, organizing requests for citizens’ interviews with the Minister and the undersecretaries , managing the Citizen E-Government Program, monitoring complaints in the media and informing their submitters of the procedures, organizing sports tournaments and participating in foreign tournaments.

Security Clearance Department / its tasks are:

Granting security permits to all workers in the ministry in addition to companies, organizations and non-governmental institutions contracting with the ministry, implementing the policies and instructions issued by the National Office for Security Clearances, issuing regulations and instructions related to organizing the security aspect, issuing checks or authorizations for people, cars and materials, organizing the entry and exit process from and to the Ministry, the administration, control and supervision of the civil defense unit, the cameras, and coordination with the Ministry’s protection force to set up plans to secure the ministry from external security breaches.

Department of Media and Government Communication / its tasks are:

Disseminating news about the ministry and officials in all printed, audio, and written media and social networking sites, organizing all seminars, meetings and conferences held by the ministry outside and inside the ministry, translating ministry’s news and activities to English language  to be published on the Ministry’s English page of its website ,following up on the issuance of visas for foreign experts and delegates of the ministry, dealing with both the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the Ministry of Interior, issuing the Green Zone badge application form and archiving all pictures of the ministry’s duties and the minister’s tours in Baghdad and the provinces.


The Health Centre/ its tasks are:

The health department provides treatment services to all employees of the ministry who are visiting the center and grants them sick leave when absolutely needed, sick referrals, dispensing medicines, providing first medical aid, and treating employees from general directorates, companies, bodies and protection personnel of the ministry.

Archiving and Email Department / its tasks are:

Receive the correspondence received to the minister’s office from all departments of the office and formations of the ministry, ministries and entities not associated with a ministry, whether paper or electronic correspondence, archive, save and distribute them to the concerned authorities after being referred by the minister and the director of the office.

Protocol Division / its tasks are:

It is concerned with receiving guests and bidding farewell to them and organizing meeting rooms in terms of seating arrangement and observance of the protocol for that in accordance with the rules of seniority and precedence.

Division of Services

It undertakes the task of organizing the administrative affairs of the employees of the office, including vacations and absences, and supervising the organization of employee transportation lines.


Financial Receivables Unit

It handles the inventory of financial receivables and organizes their own forms and sends them to the Integrity Commission.