The General Authority for Ground Water

The General Commission for Groundwater is one of the Commissions of the Ministry of Water Resources aimed to supplying water for human, animal and agricultural consumption’s for all areas which are suffered from water scarcity


The commission’s functions :-

1-Drill of water wells, developing, testing and installing its pumps that operated by different power resources (Electrical- diesel- solar)
2-Maintain of the public wells in the provinces by the maintenance centers.
3-Submit of the hydro-geological consultation.
4-Prepare the wells data base.
5-Grant licenses and supervise of the public water companies that deal with wells drilling.
6-Achieve the studies and researches for the commission works.
7- Capacity Building and developing our staff abilities in different fields.
8-Close and treat the Artisian wells.
9-Core drilling and borehole logging for different wells.