The Public Authority for the Operation of Irrigation and Drainage Projects

The Commission undertakes the following main tasks:

  1. Coordination with the relevant authorities and following up on the listing requirements (tables of quantities + designs + economic and technical feasibility studies) for the proposed projects within the 2014 strategic study.
  2. Preparing the financial budget for projects that are approved for study within the framework of the country’s investment development plan.
  3. Announcing the tenders for the implementation of the projects after approval of the plan, analyzing the tenders and expressing opinions about them.
  4. Contracting with the implementing agencies after the approval of the ministry and according to the financial, administrative and technical powers.


  1. The daily supervision by the resident engineers departments that are related to the authority on the implementation of contracting contracts, the application of general and special conditions for the contracting in accordance with the designs prepared for them and the disbursement thereof, and on what is required to remove obstacles to their implementation by the relevant authorities at their intersection with other projects of the ministry and their receipt and delivery to the operating authorities.
  2. Developing work implementation programs in coordination with the implementing agencies according to the timetable specified for each project and following up on the progress of implementation of the work.